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clock day UOTD!!!!!!!!!

2007-08-24 22:05:24 by toxic-waster

yes!!!! i was clock crew UOTD. might have been a while ago but i wanted to inform you guys at what a great feeling it is to get UOTD. especially on clock day!

have you ever been user of the day?

to bad it cant happen again but i guess it makes it fair for other users to get that grand trophy

P.S tell us if you have been UOTD

- toxic-waster

bbs reg

2007-07-28 08:01:21 by toxic-waster

if there is one thing i love about newgrounds it is the fourm. with its wide range of threads there is a thrill for everyone and i personaly love most of them. i have been posting in the flash, art and programming threads and i spend most of my time there (as well as alphas and portals). but only lately have i posted in the art and for some reason i am pushed aside except for when you get those few accepting people. i feel that anyone should be able to talk in a thread wether for help or rating or just to plain chill out with their fellow newgrounders, not depending on if the are a regular or "popular" in that piticular area. eg mind chamber in the art fourm (but you still rock)

so next time a noob or a non reg is posting in your fourm dont be and asshole. be nice and he will piss off.

and here is an example of my new art work

bbs reg

fave submission down

2007-07-24 08:11:06 by toxic-waster

as you can see i have a very long fave list and it has angered me to fid that i can no longer have more because of a system error.

tom get right to it i love being able to access my fave submissions at the scroll of a list and click of a button. may this be a warning to every one.

use you fave button.. it rocks!!

fave submission down

hi newgrounders

2007-07-20 03:47:38 by toxic-waster

ha this is my first post on newgrounds amazing new design cant wait for more features guys.

just wanted to give everyone a heads up on my up comming animation

here is a small pic

hi newgrounders